J.P. Uranker
Master Woodcarver

Martha's Vineyard, MA



Hand-Carved Eagles

The Eagles are individually hand-carved not machine made. They are finished and hand carved from traditional designs and drawings that are representative of the early eagles found in America. Each piece is carved out of Mahogany. The thickness of the wood starts at 2″ and gets thicker as the design and detailing progress. Select and click on a chosen eagle, then to see the creation of the eagle, click on the 4 small boxes and see how she was created.
If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, simply go to the info page and fill out the Inquiries Form.

Colonial Eagle
Salem Eagle
Newport Eagle
Federal Eagle
Early Bellamy
Liberty Eagle
Stern Board Eagle
Live Free or Die
Bellamy Head-Down
Louisberg Eagle
Fighting Eagle
Boston Bellamy
Strength & Honor
Live And Let Live
Classic Bellamy Eagle
Bellamy Head-Up
Kittery Eagle
Bellamy Stylized
Chesapeake Eagle
Classic Constitution
1851 America's Eagle
Traditional Constitution
God Bless Our Home
American Pride
Screaming Eagle
Heritage Eagle
Winged Victory
God is our Refuge and Strength