J.P. Uranker
Master Woodcarver

Martha's Vineyard, MA


Boat Hooks

Together, Francesca and JP have combined their talents to create handsome and very useful wooden boathooks. They can be used both in the elements aboard your vessel or indoors as a decorative piece.

The boathooks are 6½ feet in length and are available in Mahogany, Ash and Cherry. The working end of the boat hook has a bronze hook and the handle end is tapered, designed to keep the pole afloat if dropped overboard. The boat hooks are made in Maine by Shaw & Tenney.

Our first step in our process is to sand the poles to a smooth glass-like finish. Then they are ready to be handcarved, using a nautical design, burgee, whale, or a design or your choice. The carved design can be gilded, painted or left natural.

When the carving is complete, the wood is given a hand rubbed tung oil finish. This finish will help to protect the boathook from the elements. The next step is the knotted rope work, turks head, spiral hitching and cockscombining, that cover about 30 inches of the pole. The Novatec braided rope that is used, it is available in Burgundy, Navy, Evergreen and White. The final step, the boat hook is signed by the artists.

Prices start at $585.00. Please scroll down to view examples.

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